The 31st Infantry Association

The 31st Infantry Association

Campaigns Participated

NOTE: Streamers reflecting the campaigns in which the 31st Infantry Regiment and its successor battalions have fought are affixed to the regimental and battalion colors. Those authorized as of July 2006 or pending are indicated below. The streamers shown are illustrative and do not necessarily reflect the actual inscriptions of streamers on the 31st Infantry Regimental and Battalion Colors.

  World War I
Siberia 1918
Siberia 1919

  World War II
Philippine Islands

  Korean War
UN defensive
UN Offensive
CCF Intervention
UN Counteroffensive
CCF Spring Offensive
UN Summer-Fall Counteroffensive
Second Korean Winter
Summer-Fall 1952
Third Korean Winter
Summer 1953

  Vietnam War
Counteroffensive Phase II (4th Battalion)
Counteroffensive Phase III (4th Battalion)
Tet Counteroffensive (4th Battalion)
Counteroffensive Phase IV (4th and 6th Battalions)
Counteroffensive Phase V (4th and 6th Battalions)
Counteroffensive Phase VI (4th and 6th Battalions)
Tet 1969 Counteroffensive (4th and 6th Battalions)
Summer-Fall 1969 (4th and 6th Battalions)
Winter-Spring 1970 (4th and 6th Battalions)
Sanctuary Counteroffensive (4th and 6th Battalions)
Counteroffensive Phase VII (4th and 6th Battalions)
Consolidation Phase I (4th Battalion)

Afghanistan 2001-2002 (HHC, A, and C Companies 4th Battalion)
Afghanistan 2003 (HHC and A Company 4th Battalion)

Iraq 2003-2004 (B Company 4th Battalion)
Iraq 2004-2005 (4th Battalion)**
Iraq 2006-2007 (4th Battalion) not yet awarded

  Global War on Terrorism
Qatar 2001-2002 (B Company 4th Battalion) not yet awarded
Djibouti 2003-2004 (C Company 4th Battalion) not yet awarded



** The first 6 months of the deployment was less B Company, which had just returned from an Iraq tour.  B Company 1/509th PIR was deployed from Fort Polk to bring the unit up to strength until B Company 4-31 rejoined approximately 6 months into the tour.