Distinguished Service Cross – Philippines

Awards are listed in LTC Jasper Brady’s roster compiled while in captivity. Some may never have been presented because the awardee and all witnesses died in combat or captivity.
CPL Lloyd A. HughesLos AngelesCAHQ CompanyCorregidor9 May 1942
PVT Donald F. IngleLafayetteILHQ 3d BnLimay18 Jan 1942
MAJ Addison W. DunhamCambridgeNEHQ 3d BnMount Samat4 Apr 1942*
1LT John P. FlynnManilaPIHQ 3d BnAbucay Hacienda17 Jan 1942
MAJ James J. O’DonovanCohoesNYHQ 3d BnAbucay Hacienda23 Jan 1942
CPL Charles BallBrowningMTCompany BAbucay Hacienda23 Jan 1942
PVT Ronald T. Wangberg Jr.BostonMACompany BAbucay Hacienda22 Jan 1942*
CPT Richard K. CarnahanLincolnNECompany CAbucay Hacienda23 Jan 1942
SGT F. M. BrownChathamNYCompany DMount Samat6 Apr 1942
PFC Elmer P. Buehrig(home town unknown)n/aCompany FLimay17 Jan 1942*
CPT Richard RosheWashingtonDCCompany IAbucay Hacienda23 Jan 1942
1SG John B. GlowackiSyracuseNYCompany IAbucay Hacienda23 Jan 1942
SSG George F. BragaNewportRICompany ILayac3 Jan 1942
SGT Ray W. ChapmanPrairie HillTXCompany IAbucay Hacienda20 Jan 1942
SGT Wyatt H. IrvingLong BeachCACompany IAbucay Hacienda24 Jan 1942
SGT Harold M. StammAllentownPACompany IAbucay Hacienda20 Jan 1942
CPL Richard Hinker(home town unknown)n/aCompany IAbucay Hacienda24 Jan 1942
2LT James I. MalletteLos AngelesCACompany KAbucay Hacienda24 Jan 1942
PFC Richard F Gomes(StocktonCA)Company KAbucay Hacienda24 Jan 1942*
(NOTE: PFC Gomes was recommended for Medal of Honor for covering the withdrawal of his company with an automatic rifle after he was wounded. He was killed in the process.)
2LT William StewartVan AlstyneTXCompany LAbucay Hacienda23 Jan 1942
1SG William B. McNultyCambridgeMACompany LAbucay Hacienda23 Jan 1942
SGT Stanley R. MonroeAlamosaCOCompany LLimay19 Jan 1942
PFC Peter Economopolos(home town unknown)n/aCompany LAbucay Hacienda24 Jan 1942
SGT Jesse BurbankCementOKCompany MAbucay Hacienda24 Jan 1942*
SGT Leonard A. GibbsWillisTXRegt’l Aid StationAbucay Hacienda22 Jan 1942
CPT John J. BrennanWaterlooIA3d Bn Medical DetAbucay Hacienda22 Jan 1942
PFC Lawrence C. HallJellicoTN3d Bn Medical DetAbucay Hacienda20 Jan 1942
PFC James B. Kinyon(home town unknown)n/a3d Bn Medical DetAbucay Hacienda20 Jan 1942*
PFC John G. LallyShawneeKS3d Bn Medical DetAbucay Hacienda20 Jan 1942
PVT George E. MorganBad AxeMI3d Bn Medical DetAbucay Hacienda22 Jan 1942
PVT William O. Mann(home town unknown)n/a3d Bn Medical DetLimay19 Jan 1942*