The 31st Infantry Association

The 31st Infantry Association

The Shanghai Bowl


The Shanghai Bowl was made in 1932 by a Shanghai silversmith. it was purchased along with 65 matching silver cups at a cost of $1,600.00 donated by officers of the 31st Infantry stationed in Shanghai when it was sent to help protect the International Settlement during heavy fighting between Chinese and Japanese forces. Lieutenant Colonel R.C. Davis, Medical Corps, the Regimental Surgeon, formally presented the Shanghai Bowl to Colonel Lorenzo D. Gasser, the Regimental Commander, with the following dedication on 7 July 1932 at the Army and Navy Club in Manila:

“This presentation is made in commeration of the close bonds which united the officers together under all the difficulties of the emergency services in Shanghai and is forever deeded to the Regiment in hope that the performance of the 31st Infantry in Shanghai will be perpetually fresh in the minds of those to come.”

The_Shanghai_BowlThe Shanghai Bowl, distinctive in design, is 18 inches in diameter and 10 inches deep. The handles are in the form of the traditional Chinese dragon, and the bowl rests on the backs of three lions. The overall height of the bowl is 14 inches. On the sides are engraved lotus blossoms and the inscription “Presented to the 31st Infantry by the Officers of the US Army Troops in Shanghai, China, in 1932.” The triangular teakwood base, which was lost at Bataan, for the Shanghai Bowl was inset with silver hexagons, inscribed with the names of the Officers of the Regimental Staff, Headquarters and Service Companies. On the sides of the base are silver plates which have inscribed the names of the officers of each Battalion.